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Sunday, November 28, 2021

Harry Styles







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For the health and safety of everyone at Harry Styles’ upcoming Love On Tour shows, ticket holders must provide proof of full COVID-19 vaccination or negative test (PCR or rapid) within 48 hours of the event, in addition to wearing a mask. Children under the age of 12 may attend the concert if they provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test (PCR or rapid) taken within 48 hours of the show.

In addition, all venue staff at each show will also be following the same protocols and will need to provide proof of full COVID-19 vaccination or a negative test result within 48 hours, as well as wear a mask at all times. Requiring masks and testing, or proof of vaccination, is the best way to protect the health and safety of our crew and fans and is quickly becoming the new standard for concerts around the US. There will be no exceptions to these policies. Fans are encouraged to visit UBS Arena’s website for more details.


All guests are required to abide by the provisions within the following General Admission policy.  Ticketholders found in violation of the following policy may be asked to surrender their tickets and leave UBS Arena property.

General Admission (“GA”) ticketholders must line up via the DIME VIP Entrance located on the South/West corner of the venue for the Harry Styles show on November 28, 2021. This is the ONLY ENTRANCE you may access with a GA ticket, besides guest entry for the ancillary event.

Starting at 9:00AM on show day, sequentially numbered wristbands will be issued to the first 1000 guests on a first come, first served basis. A GA ticket will need to be presented to obtain a wristband. The wristbands will be distributed at the DIME VIP Entrance mentioned above.  Guests will also provide proof of vaccination or negative test upon receipt of their wristband.


Guests will present their numbered wristband, enter the magnetometer at the Quad B Stairwell Entrance and have their tickets scanned inside. Guests will then be separated in groups and will be sent down the stairway to receive their GA wristband.  UBS Arena staff will be on hand to direct throughout.  GA ticketholders will be admitted to the GA floor in groups of 15-20 once doors are opened, scheduled for 6:00PM.

Guests are not permitted to “hold” a place in line for other guests who are arriving later.

The wristband must remain on the guest’s wrist while in line. Loss or removal of the wristband will require the guest to obtain another wristband and take their sequential place in line. Any guest found with a tampered wristband will have his or her wristband confiscated and will lose their place in line.

Guests are permitted to have a reasonable amount of food and non-alcoholic beverages while in line.


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