In an effort to build a greener future, UBS Arena is working with world-class sustainability experts McLennan Design and Gotham360 to minimize the environmental impact of the venue.


  • UBS Arena intends on being carbon neutral for operations by 2024 or sooner.
    • By doing so, UBS Arena will be the first arena to do this on the eastern seaboard.
  • UBS Arena encourages the use of mass transit and carpooling.
    • The arena will have a rideshare drop-off/pick up area, an MTA bus stop, and multiple LIRR stations available to access the campus. 
  • The arena campus shuttles on site from the parking lots will be electric.
  • The arena is on track to be LEED Certified.
  • UBS Arena will have LEED-certified green integrated pest management plan & green cleaning policy.


  • The arena will use occupancy sensor technology to ensure that lights within the building are off when unused. 
  • The arena will be lit 100% by LED lighting.
  • Appliances within the building will be Energy Star Efficient.


  • UBS Arena will reduce the water consumption by 40% as standard to other buildings of its size for typical use by using low flow plumbing.


  • All paper products will be compostable.
  • In all guest-facing locations, the arena will offer two waste streams of recycling & composting. We are working closely with waste hauling partner Winter Bros.
  • UBS Arena is reducing the use of single waste plastics by offering recyclable aluminum instead where applicable.


  • Partnering with the building concessionaire, Delaware North, unused food from both the front and back of the house will be distributed to local food banks after all events.


  • The arena will target the following goals for supply sustainable, local, and healthy foods:
    • Source 75% most food ingredients within a 300-mile radius based on seasonality 
    • Produce is certified USDA Organic where applicable
    • 100% eggs from cage-free hens
    • Seafood meets Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Sustainable Seafood Watch rating
    • Antibiotic- and hormone-free proteins where applicable
    • Grass-fed beef where applicable
    • Plant-based proteins include vegan and vegetarian offerings
    • Heart-healthy oils
    • No trans fats or high-fructose corn syrup where applicable
    • Foods with minimized saturated fat added sugar and sodium


  • The proposed project includes future opportunities for the deployment of 1,000 electric vehicle charging stations and leverages the strategic location of UBS Arena to service consumer EVs during events and fleet EVs during off-hours.
  • Deployment would be one of the largest EV charging sites in the United States.
  • XL Fleet will also explore solar and energy storage to help meet the sustainability goals of UBS Arena.
  • The agreement introduces a new segment for XL Fleet that could be replicated at other large venues and facilities across the country.


  • Committed to being a global leader in fan engagement around sustainability.
  • The arena intends to host sustainability events such as conferences or building tours.
  • Dedicating a portion of the arena website to discussing sustainability issues.
  • Other community and fan programs incentivize and promote sustainable lifestyles like the benefits of low carbon transportation, healthy diets, and physical activity. 
  •  Dedicated sustainability game days on or near Earth Day and NHL Green month.
  • Other sustainability game days throughout the season focus on carbon reductions, transportation, healthy food, etc.
  • UBS Arena is a member of the Green Sports Alliance.