Boutique hospitality meets live entertainment

UBS Arena is set within legendary Belmont Park, where history has been made since 1905. We invite you to discover the energy of UBS Arena; made for music, built for hockey. Each premium element has been carefully designed, and we invite you to curate your own experience within our exclusive suites.
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Render of a UBS Arena suite, people sit in an art-deco inspired restaurant


The spotlight Suites are your private cocktail club equipped with an upholstered lounge area and mixologist. Transition from the club to the action in a matter of seconds as your seats are in the middle of it all.
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Render of a UBS Arena suite, people getting food at buffet and watching game on TV

Belmont Suites

Luxury suites come equipped with a custom minibar and premium stadium seats packed with the latest technology enhancing the comfort of your night.
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Render of a UBS Arena deck, people ordering food, sitting at tables

UBS Club

Pulling inspirations from New York's traditional cocktail clubs, this exclusive experience lets you watch the game in private Opera style boxes surrounded with custom and vintage furniture pieces
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Render of a UBS Arena suite, people sit in the spotlight club

Spotlight Club

The ceiling lights activate as the team heads down the tunnel into action. You are able to see the raw moments leading up to the game through the eye of a player. The stepped ceiling celebrates that you are under the pounding feet of the fans.
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Render of a UBS Arena suite, people sit in the 1905 club

1905 Club

The 1905 Club is the exclusive lounge for enjoying the ultimate VIP experience for a concert or game at UBS Arena. Sip on curated cocktails and take in the atmosphere inspired by iconic New York bars and clubs.
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Render of a UBS Arena deck, people ordering food, sitting at tables

Loft Club

The Loft Club is an 11,000 square foot space with views of the bowl from the bar. Lining the walls of the Loft Club is a gallery-style exhibition depicting icons of music and sports.
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Premier Access Points

Multiple premier access points at UBS Arena ensure you and your guest arrive with the care and hospitality you will come to expect with your premium experience.
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