UBS Arena Foundation

UBS Arena Foundation


Our mission is to make our local community stronger with a focus on career development, health & wellness, and the arts.

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We are committed to helping disadvantaged members of our community improve their quality of life by leveraging the power of career development to help them build better careers and happier lives. Access to quality career education and services is proven to reduce barriers to education, employment, and improves the socio-economic health of individuals and our broader community. In particular, by providing access to career development resources to people with a wide variety of disabilities helps them face down higher barriers to employment that they experience.

UBS Arena Foundation will partner with non-profit organizations who serve disadvantaged New Yorkers and are committed to helping them overcome barriers to employment with meaningful career development and employment solutions.


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We are committed to creating greater accessibility for the most vulnerable New Yorkers in our community to health and nutrition. Food insecurity and access to quality healthcare are serious challenges that members of low-income neighborhoods in our community face, which puts them at greater risk for poorer health.

UBS Arena Foundation will partner with and support non-profit organizations that are dedicated to connecting New Yorkers with the food they need to thrive and health care they need to live happier and healthier lives.

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We are committed to creating greater accessibility for New Yorkers to music & arts programs, instruments, and quality music & arts education.  Engagement with arts and music is proven to create significant positive impacts on our children’s academic and social development, and, among adults, helps to improve their civic engagement and greater social tolerance. It is essential to the human experience. Unfortunately, access to programs and education has been limited over the last few decades due to a significant reduction in financial support. UBS Arena Foundation will partner with and support non-profit organizations that are dedicated to breaking down barriers to accessing arts & education programs and education for all New Yorkers.

BENEFICIARY: The Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation


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UBS Arena Foundation, Inc. is a New York not-for-profit corporation registered with the Attorney General’s Charities Bureau as a charitable organization operating in New York State and is recognized as a tax-exempt public charity under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3).