Family & Sensory Rooms

UBS Arena is committed to providing accommodation to all guests including those that have family service and sensory needs. We have several rooms dedicated around the various concourses which can be found at the locations below.

Family Services Rooms

(Sections 106 and 212)

Family Services Room Offerings

  • Feminine Products
  • Diapers
  • Microwave
  • Television accessible to children’s television networks
  • Couches and folding chairs
  • Mother’s Room and Family Restroom inside of Family Services.



Parenting Room Offerings (Located at sections 106 & 212, as well as inside the women’s rooms in sections 108, 118, 225, and The PitchBook Suite level.)

  • Changing Table
  • Rocking chair and Television accessible to children’s television networks



Family Restroom Offerings

A large restroom including a training toilet for children as well.

Sensory room offerings

(Sections 106, 212, and The PitchBook Suite level)

Vecta Sensory Station

  • The Vecta Sensory Station, appropriate for all ages and abilities, turns any room into a relaxing, distracting, and empowering Multi-Sensory Room. Vecta Sensory stations play calming music and can be set to change the mood for each sensory session.
  • The Bubble Tube has a continuous flow of calming bubbles and smooth transitions between vibrant colors. The speed of the Bubble Tube can be controlled allowing the Guest Services Representative to vary the sensory sessions for calming or arousal depending on the individual in the Sensory Room. 
  • The plastic Fiber Optic Tails cycle through an array of colors and a sparkle effect creating a visual focal point. These tails are weighted which provides just the right amount of pressure for soothing.

Infinity Tunnel

  • The Infinity Tunnel is a wall-mounted panel that provides diverse sensory entertainment and effects with multiple interaction levels to choose from.
  • An optical illusion gives an impression of infinite depth. Colors will rotate at different speeds using sensitivity control.
  • Excellent for color recognition, and tracking.

Sensory Bags

Our sensory bags are designed to help sensory needs in both adults and children. Filled with items that can help lessen sensory overload and also engage, the bag items are also easily cleaned and sterilized for multiple uses.

  • Noise-canceling Headphones
    • These headphones help keep background noise and auditory stimulation at a manageable level.
  • Fidget Toys
    • To occupy a person’s mind while reducing excess energy and aid against anxiety.

Sensory bags are located at Guest Services Kiosks as well.


Visual Cue Card

  • In the case that someone is experiencing a sensory overload and can’t explain how they are feeling, Visual Cue Card help someone show quickly how they are feeling.