Ticketing Terms & Conditions

NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES – EVENT TIME AND DATE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. This ticket is a revocable license, which may be withdrawn at any time, with or without cause. By using this ticket and entering UBS Arena (the “Arena”), the holder of this ticket, on behalf of holder and any minor accompanying holder (individually and collectively, the “Holder”), agrees to the terms and conditions of this license. WARNING! DESPITE ENHANCED SPECTATOR SHIELDING MEASURES, PUCKS MAY FLY INTO THE SPECTATOR AREA. SERIOUS INJURY CAN OCCUR. STAY ALERT AT ALL TIMES INCLUDING DURING WARMUP AND AFTER PLAY STOPS. IF STRUCK, IMMEDIATELY ASK USHER FOR DIRECTIONS TO MEDICAL STATION. TO THE FULLEST EXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW, HOLDER VOLUNTARILY ASSUMES ALL RISK AND DANGER OF PERSONAL INJURY (INCLUDING DEATH) AND ALL OTHER HAZARDS ARISING FROM, OR RELATED IN ANY WAY TO, THE EVENT FOR WHICH THIS TICKET IS ISSUED (“EVENT”), WHETHER OCCURRING PRIOR TO, DURING, OR AFTER THE EVENT, HOWSOEVER CAUSED AND WHETHER BY NEGLIGENCE OR OTHERWISE. Such risks include specifically, but not exclusively, the danger of injury by hockey pucks, sticks and other equipment, by spectators or players, or by thrown objects, and also include those risks and dangers inherent to and arising out of exposure to communicable diseases, including the novel coronavirus (“COVID-19”). An inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place where people are gathered. Holder of this ticket voluntarily acknowledges all the inherent risks and dangers associated with attending the Event. To the fullest extent permitted by law, Holder agrees that New York Arena Partners, LLC (“NYAP”), the New York Islanders Hockey Club, L.P. (“NYI”), the National Hockey League (“NHL”), the NHL member clubs, NHL Enterprises, L.P., NHL Enterprises Canada, L.P., the NHLPA (including current and former players), and each of their respective affiliates, parents, subsidiaries, agencies, departments, subdivisions, related entities, owners, governors, trustees, officers, directors, partners, shareholders, members, principals, employees, and agents (all of the foregoing entities and individuals collectively, the “Released Parties”) are expressly released from any and all claims arising from or relating to such causes or otherwise occurring at or in connection with the Event, including claims arising from or relating to the negligence of the Released Parties. Breach of any of the terms of this license or refund to Holder of the printed purchase price on the face of this ticket shall automatically terminate any rights that Holder may have hereunder, and shall authorize NYAP or the Arena licensee to withdraw the ticket at any time, refuse admission, or eject Holder from the Arena. Breach of any of the terms of this license shall also subject Holder to all legal remedies available to NYAP and any Arena licensees. Resale or attempted resale of this ticket in violation of applicable law is grounds for seizure or cancellation without refund or other compensation. Tickets obtained from unauthorized sources may be void. NYAP reserves the right to refuse admission to or eject any person whose conduct NYAP deems disorderly, obnoxious, or unbecoming. Holder shall review carefully, and abide by, the policies of the Arena and the Event, including, as applicable, the NHL Fan Code of Conduct, any fan guide for the Event, and any Arena policies or procedures (collectively, the “Arena Policies”). NYAP reserves the right to refuse admission to or eject any person that fails to abide by any Arena Policies. NYAP, Arena licensees, and the NHL, as applicable, reserve the right to modify any Arena Policies without notice. Holder grants NYAP and the other Released Parties (and their respective designees and agents) permission to record Holder’s image, name, voice, likeness, actions and/or statements in any image, footage, or display, whether live or recorded, which may be taken at the Event, the Arena, and/or the area surrounding the Arena, and to utilize same at any time, for any purpose (including advertising or promotional purposes), and in any media now known or subsequently developed without additional compensation. Tickets may not be used for advertising, promotion (including contests and sweepstakes), or other unauthorized transmission, depiction, or commercial purposes without prior written consent of NYAP, and in the case of NYI games, NYI and/or the NHL, as applicable. Any non-editorial or commercial use of any NYAP, NHL, or NHL member club mark is prohibited without prior written approval of NYAP, the NHL, or the NHL member club, as applicable. Any unauthorized transmission, picture, or other depiction or description of any Event action, Event information, or other Arena activity is prohibited without prior written approval of NYAP or the NHL, as applicable. Holder and Holder’s belongings may be searched upon entry to the Arena, and except as prohibited by law, Holder consents to such searches and waives any related claims that might arise against the Released Parties. If Holder elects not to consent to such searches, Holder will be denied entry into the Arena. It is unlawful to reproduce this ticket in any form. HOLDER AGREES ALL DISPUTES ARISING FROM THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS SHALL BE LITIGATED IN COURT OR ARBITRATED ON AN INDIVIDUAL BASIS AND WAIVES ANY RIGHT TO LITIGATE IN COURT OR ARBITRATE ANY CLAIM AS A CLASS ACTION.